Friday, October 28, 2011

Aimee Shen / Miniann423 (小安) - Future Adorable Nerd

Name: Aimee Shen / Miniann423 (小安)
Date of Birth: Apr 23, 1987
About: Aimee Shen or better known as miniann423 (小安) in her wretch account, is from Taiwan and currently doing her Master of Information Technology from the University of Sydney, Australia. Now, who dares to say there isn't any pretty girls in IT or engineering? She definitely speaks my lingo, e.g. JSON, C#, AJAX, XML, 

Ichigo - Taiwan Sexy Vixen

Ichigo - Taiwan

Mini - As Cute As Her Nickname

Mini - Taiwan

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Gui Xue Sha - The Asian Sexiest Gamer

Xue Sha - Singapore
Name: Gui Xue Sha
About: Gui Xue Sha, one of the hottest girl in Singapore and named as Miss Maxim Singapore 2007. She is an an avid gamer, especially DOTA and L4D, proudly proclaimed that she was a level 19 Garena user (xueshasha) and always play on Singapore DOTA Room 05 with her friends. Garena also made her an official booth babe in the recent WCG Asian Championship. In real life, she does magazine shoots for magazines like Maxim, Playeur, FHM and Hotstuff, as well as modeling for few car and technology ads in Singapore. She's also a TV personality for S-Factor on Channel 5 and “bored in bikini” on

Desiree Yong - A Desire To Men/I Like Her Flirty Face

Name: Desiree Yong
Date of Birth: June 17, 1984
Height: 168 cm
Weight: 45 kg
Measurements: 32 22 33

Audrey Li-Ting Lim - The Girl Next Door

Audrey Li-Ting Lim
 Name: Audrey Li-Ting Lim
About: Audrey Li-Ting Lim is a 20 years old fashion design student from the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA), an active popular blogger, a freelance model and a Majolica Majorca Blog Ambassador. I do admire her talent, her joyful heart, her creativity and imagination. Truly beautiful with a wacky personality which radiates through her blogs, photos and comments.

Michelle Quek - Sweet Vanilla Sundae

Michelle Quek - Singapore
Name: Michelle Quek
Date of Birth: Apr 10, 1989
About: Michie, a pretty sweet looking blogger from Singapore that enjoys her cam-whoring, you can tell that from the number of self cam-whored pictures! Shopaholics, a food lover and a frequent traveler.

Miyake Wong - She Likes Japanese Culture, We Imagine Her At Japanese AV

Miyake Wong - Singapore
Name: Miyake Wong
Date of Birth: Dec 14, 1989
About: One of the cutest Singaporean girl who is deeply obsessed with Japanese culture, cosplay, animes, superly sexy figurines and video games. How cool is that?! Miyake worked as a maid for the Moe Moe Kyun Maid Cafe during the Anime Festival Asia (AFA) 2009, too bad no pictures and talking allowed with the maids.

Peggy Heng - Beauty in Mind & Body

Peggy Heng
Name: Peggy Heng
Date of Birth: May 22, 1989
Measurements: 32C 24 33
About: Peggy Heng or better known as Thy-Dowager from her blog, is a 21 years old popular blogger and freelance model from Singapore. Besides making heads turn while cat walking down the modeling life, Peggy is a multi-tasker budding entrepreneur, she owns her own boutique, she's an event coordinator and an aspiring actress too. Her younger sister, Winnie Heng, who is also worth checking out too runs the similar career path.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Elaine Yuki Wong - My Adorable Playmate

Elaine Yuki Wong - Singapore
 Name: Elaine Yuki Wong
Date of Birth: Nov 8, 1988
About: Elaine Yuki is a sweet young girl from Singapore, a full time model blogger and also a resident celebrity blogger panel for She adopted the name Elaine Yuki because she is fascinated with Japan, she loves everything about Japan, from the food, people, culture, language, make up, fashion, weather, scenery, jpops to their shows - except their raw foods.

Chua Huirong - Your Playmate From Land of Sealion

Huirong - Singapore
Name: Chua Huirong
Date of Birth: Oct 31, 1987
Measurements: 34C 24 34
About: Also known as PaperGer, Huirong is currently the blogging ambassador for Shiseido's Majolica Majorca for 2009-2010, Clubcouture's ambassador 2010, the 199 Shop's ambassador, resident blogger for and actively involved in event modeling. With her flowing hair, great figure and gorgeous looks, she turns heads everywhere she goes!

Hew Hui Yi - Your Dream Crush

Hew Hui Yi

Name: Hew Hui Yi
Date of Birth: Feb 19, 1990
Measurements: 32B 23 33
About: Hui Yi is a sweet looking freelance model and racequeen from Singapore, she could be your girl-next-door with an added touch of class. A good friend with Winnie Heng and a typical Piscean, can be emotional at times, love to dream and be easily contented.

Michelle Qiu - Adorable Sweet Mixture

Michelle Qiu - Singapore

Name: Michelle Qiu
Date of Birth: Nov 21, 1988
About: Michelle Qiu is a freelance model with a sweet pretty celebrity face. If you're lucky to live in Singapore, you can arrange for a photo-shoot session with her. Even though she isn't as famous as the rest of the Singaporean bloggers, she'll still get my votes and supports.

Ferlyn Paige Tan Jia Mei aka Yoshimi - Gorgeous Avid Cosplayer

Ferlyn Yoshimi - Singapore
Name: Ferlyn Paige Tan Jia Mei aka Yoshimi
Date of Birth: Aug 2, 1990
About: You may call her Ferlyn or Yoshimi (either you're a Japanese or you like the Japanese feel). She speaks fluent English, Chinese and Japanese. Lived in Tokyo before and deeply into cosplay, she can be your maid ^__^. She was the head maid for the Moe Moe Kyun Maid Cafe during the AFA '09. More recently, she was signed by a management company to form a band called 'MYnT' along side with Miyake and Tomomi, and they're all Singaporean.

Cherlin Tan Tzia Tzia - Innocent Face/Hot Curvy Devilish Body

Cherlin Tan Tzia Tzia - Malaysia

 Name: Cherlin Tan Tzia Tzia (Tziaaa)
Date of Birth: July 4, 1991
About: Cherlin Tan Tzia Tzia is a popular Malaysian blogger who is currently doing her degree in Public Relations at UTAR, Kampar. Such an innocent cute baby face trapped in those devilish hot curvy body, nice!

Khoo Bee Bee - Malaysian Made Cuteness

Khoo Bee Bee

Name: Khoo Bee Bee
Date of Birth: Nov 28, 1984
Measurements: 32 24 33
Height: 156 cm
Weight: 48 kg
About: Khoo Bee Bee is from Butterworth, Penang and currently working in Citigroup Trade and Finance department. Unfortunately, this friend of mine doesn't blog but she's an avid reader of dailylenglui - like me, we both enjoy gawking at pretty girls. It's funny that she always ask me how to stay and look pretty, while constantly shopping for the latest fashion and make-ups. These are the efforts that most of the Malaysian girls are slacking of, remember...there isn't any ugly girls but only lazy girls. Since she's a frequent visitor here, so do drop her a nice comment below - please behave and be gentle with her k!

Jane aka Chuckei - Your Underage Fantasy Girl

Jane Chuckei
Name: Jane aka Chuckei
Date of Birth: Sept 16, 1992
About: Jane or better known as Chuckei, is a popular 18 years old sweet-young-thing blogger from KL, Malaysia. Chuckei started blogging at the age of 14 and occasionally blogs about her life, girl-friends, make-ups, hair tutorials, etc. She's popular, naturally pretty, inspiring and wacky!

Yvonne Lim (BabyVon) - Really Baby-ly Gorgoeus

Name: Yvonne Lim (BabyVon)
Date of Birth: June 10, 1992
Height: 163 cm
Weight: 45 kg
About: Not surprise that one might mistaken Yvonne Lim aka BabyVon for a Japanese/Taiwanese from her super barbie doll make-up styles. She's actually your girl-next-door from Penang, Malaysia. She participated in iFeel Girl Search 2009 and bagged the 'SMS Choice Award' with a majority of 34% votes. An uprising and popular blogger to watch out for!

Oh In Hye 오인혜 / 吴仁惠 - Oh Your Ta-tahs!

Oh In Hye 吴仁惠 Sexy

Name: Oh In Hye 오인혜 / 吴仁惠
Date of Birth: Apr 26, 1987
Height: 165 cm
Weight: 48 kg
About: On Oct 6 2011, little known newcomer Korean actress Oh In Hye 오인혜 / 吴仁惠 became an overnight sensation right after she walked down the red carpet at the 16th Busan International Film Festival (BIFF) in a daring orange Grecian goddess-inspired dress with a plunging neckline that drew everyone's attention with her glamorous appeal.

Dada Chan 陳靜 - My 'DaDa'

Dada Chan (陳靜) - Hong Kong

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Tiffany Ryan - Sexy Boobylicious Pilot

Tonya Michelle - Lovely Raven Haired Model

Kelly Weekers - Your Weekend "Play-buddy"

Vanessa Veasley - Black Bold Beautiful Bootylicious

Katie Carroll - Your Weekend Playmate

Shera Bechard - Sweet Karma

Bella Skyy - 100% Italian Made

Top 10 Hottest Leaked Celebrity Photos

#10 Hayley Williams

Hayley Williams

Hayley Williams is the lead singer of the American rock group Paramore. She also is obviously a bit of a slut, taking a topless photo of her self and “mistakenly” releasing it on Twitter.

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