Sunday, September 4, 2011

Isabella Kuan - Pretty Beauty Blogger

Isabella Kuan 
Name: Isabella Kuan
About: A popular Malaysian blogger, she's young, rich, smart, good sense of fashion and pretty! Too bad she's taken and we're all waiting in line, so please take your queue number.

Michelle Wing Moy Phan - Cutie Rice Bunny

Michelle Phan the RiceBunny 
Name: Michelle Wing Moy Phan
Date of Birth: April 11, 1987
About: Her career started from the comfort of her home, filming a simple makeup tutorial that inspired the online makeup tutorial phenomenon. Michelle's YouTube Channel features makeup tutorials that have surpassed 50 million views worldwide. One of her most popular video is the Lady Gaga makeup tutorial, where she demonstrates how to create the Lady Gaga signature avant garde look, which received over 7 million views. She has appeared in Seventeen magazine in USA and Singapore as one of their "Beauty Smarties", LA Runway Magazine, German magazine Peach and Newspapers from around the world.

Alan Dawa Dolma - Gorgeous Poptart

Name: Alan Dawa Dolma
Date of Birth: July 25, 1987
About: Alan Dawa Dolma (Japanese: アラン, Chinese: 阿兰 or 阿蘭), is a talented female Chinese-Tibetan singer active in the Japanese music industry. Discovered by Avex Trax at an audition in China in 2006, she became Avex's first signed artist from China and moved to Tokyo, Japan in September 2007. In November 2007, her first Japanese single "Ashita e no Sanka" was released.

Lyra - A Smile of An Angel

Model: Lyra, Photographer: Yocc  
Name: Lyra 
About: I can't help not to feature this girl at all! Unfortunately, you can't hardly find much about Lyra on the Net. All I know is that she's in a relationship with a photographer, hence, becoming a model for his works. Such a beautiful sweet looking face with a smile of an angel.

Wu Rong (吴蓉) - Innocent Adolescent Fantasy

Name: Wu Rong (吴蓉)
Height: 165cm
Weight: 46kg
Measurements: 32 24 32
About: How do you promote a new product and compete against rival companies in China? You hire an extremely cute sexy hot Chinese girl with a cleavage. Not sure about you but it's definitely effective and working on me now!

Amanda - China's Little Minx

 Name: Amanda
Height: 163cm
Weight: 42kg

Ariel Wang Xiyi (王希怡) - Tight Sexy Body

Ariel Wang Xiyi : China  
Name: Ariel Wang Xiyi (王希怡)
Height: 165cm
Weight: 46kg
Measurements: 34 26 35
About: Ariel Wang Xiyi (王希怡) is one of the Moko Top Girl from China. Born in Beijing and having graduated from Melbourne University. Pretty looking face with a gorgeous body and from certain angles, she does have a resemblance with Elva Hsiao.

Dawn Yang - Mermaid From Merlion Country

Dawn Yang - Singapore

 Name: Dawn Yang / Dawn Yeo
Date of Birth: 5th Dec 1984
About: Dawn Yang is a Singaporean who is most famous for her good looks and popular blog, as well as a controversy over whether said looks were enhanced by plastic surgery. In November 2005, Dawn was signed on by Tinsel Management to be groomed into an artiste. The artiste management company intended to further her opportunities abroad in the more lucrative Taiwan market as a teen idol.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Park Hyun Sun - Super Cute Cowgirl

Yoyo Xu Xiangting (徐湘婷) - Double D...elicious!

Yoyo Xu Xiangting (徐湘婷) - Taiwan

 Name: Yoyo Xu Xiangting (徐湘婷)
Height: 161 cm
About: Busty Yoyo Xu Xiang Ting (徐湘婷), now living in Taiwan, was a graduate from Beijing. She became an Internet sensation and insanely famous when a large set of her pictures stored in her online photo album was hacked and mass circulated all over the net. Apparently, some of the pictures were rather personal whereby she posed nude in front of the camera. After the incident, she decided to shut down her photo album under the username yoyo0903, unfortunately, it was too late. And the lucky guy in the pictures above, that's her boyfriend.

Zhang Wan You (张婉悠) - Your Asian's Wildest Fantasy

Zhang Wan You (张婉悠) - China 

Name: Zhang Wan You (张婉悠)
Height: 170 cm
Weight: 55 kg
Measurements: 38 25 36
About: Zhang Wan You (张婉悠) with fine facial features, flawless skin and a sexy body, she rises rapidly to fame in China where she is featured in numerous fashion magazine covers, a variety of entertainment shows and dramas such as 《爱情实录》《海上花》《一路花香》《放爱一条生路》. She was endorsed recently by a Chinese lingerie brand to shoot a pink underwear advertisement.

Momo Jing (何静) / He Jing - My China Sweetheart

Momo Jing : China

Name: Momo Jing (何静) / He Jing

Height: 167cm

Weight: 48kg

Measurements: 33 23 35

About: Hot China model Momojing (何静) appears in ads for the popular little device, wearing considerably less than office attire. The ASUS Eee PC made netbooks sexy. Now this girl is making the Eee PC sexy.

Juliet Lin Ke Tong (林柯彤) - My Sexy China Doll

Lin Ke Tong : China
 Name: Juliet Lin Ke Tong (林柯彤)
Date of Birth: Sept 20, 1986
Height: 172cm
Weight: 48 kg
Measurements: 34 23 34
About: MOKO girls are well known for their devilish body and pretty face. And there's no doubt that Lin Ke Tong (林柯彤) is under MOKO's umbrella of famous female Asian models. A super hot babe from Wuhan, China, she is an actress, model and one of the hottest and most sought after property in China.

Komi Xi - Fantasy Merged Reality

Komi Xi - China
 Name: Komi Xi
Date of Birth: Jul 26, 1987
About: Komi Xi is a familiar face and a very popular contact lens and wigs model from China. Doll like features, almost like characters from Japanese anime - with big round watery eyes and flawless complexion. How is that possible?! Well, she's rumored to be a 'Queen of Photoshop', skillful in post processing her photos by enlarging her eyes, perfecting her skins, sharpen her nose and face.

Wang Yi (王怡) / YiYi (怡怡) - Innocent Fantasy

YiYi (怡怡)
Name: Wang Yi (王怡) / YiYi (怡怡)
Height: 163 cm
Weight: 41 kg
About: Wang Yi (王怡) or better known as YiYi (怡怡), is a natural young, cute and beautiful model from Chengdu, Sichuan. Started her career in year 2008 by appearing in mainstream magazine covers, advertisements and the Internet. Her biggest dream is to become a singer and it started to take off in 2009 after she was signed by recording company 蜗牛唱片 Orzmusic. 

Wang Yibing (王若伊) - China's Bright Gem

Wang YiBing / Wang RuoYi : China 

Name: Wang Yibing (王若伊) / Wang Ruoyi / Wang Royi

Height: 165cm
Weight: 44kg
Date of Birth: 8th Feb 1988
Measurements: 35 24 36
About: Wang Yibing (王若伊) / Wang Ruoyi / Wang Royi is a model and actress from Beijing. A native from Henan Province, she is a graduate from Beijing’s Central Academy of Drama, touted as the best drama school in China.

Zhang Nina (张妮娜) - 'Sweetest' Dumpling

Zhang Ni-Na : China 
Name: Zhang Nina (张妮娜)
Date of Birth: July 31, 1987
Height: 166cm
Weight: 40kg
Measurements: 33 23 33
About: Zhang Nina (张妮娜) is a hot model and showgirl from China. Not too many people can resist her hotness, it was reported that a man had a nose bleed while trying to snap her pictures during a Net fair.

Ringo (徐苹果) - Next-level Gorgeousness

徐苹果 Ringo - Australia

Daniella Mugnolo - Rockin' Bod

Ryu Ji Hye - Gorgeous September Jump-Start

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