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10 Truly Successful Thieves

French “Vacuum Gang”
Since 2006, in France, an unknown gang of thieves have been emptying supermarket safes, using nothing more than a drill and a modified vacuum cleaner. The innovative group of bandits found a weakness in French supermarket Monoprix’s system of storing cash, and have been exploiting it ever since. Envelopes of cash are funneled into the safe via pneumatic suction tubes. Whereas breaching the safe itself might be considerably difficult, requiring explosives or safecracking, the thieves realized that if they just drilled into the delivery tubes near the safe and hooked up a powerful vacuum, they could suck the money out and get at it much more easily.

This mode of robbery is very unique as most thieves would resort to safecracking methods, which leave more evidence. Techniques such as using explosives, or tools like a thermal lance or plasma cutter, are the common choice of career burglars. As of 2011, the vacuum gang have successfully stolen almost $800,000, in fifteen night-time heists, leaving only a few CCTV tapes of masked men for evidence.

Top 10 Witnesses Who Died Suddenly

David Wherley Jr.
062409 Wherley Wife Alaska Story
Witnessed Event: U.S. Response to September 11, 2001

On September 11, 2001, David Wherley Jr. was the commander in charge of the 113th Fighter Wing at Andrews Air Force base, in Maryland. After the attack on New York City he took orders from the Secret Service to dispatch a fleet of aircraft to protect the White House and the Capitol. Wherley was an important 9/11 witness. He played a role in ordering the tactics used by the U.S. government in response to the terrorist activity. Wherley was mentioned on multiple occasions in the 9/11 Commission report. He later acted as the commanding general of the District of Columbia National Guard, from 2003 to 2008.

On June 22, 2009, David Wherley and his wife Ann boarded a Red Line Washington Metro train (#214) in Northeast Washington, D.C. While waiting for their train to leave Fort Totten station, it was struck by an oncoming Red Line train. The Wherley’s train was rear-ended at a high speed. Nine people were killed in the accident, including David Wherley and his wife. It was the deadliest crash in the history of the Washington Metro. Several survivors were trapped in the rubble for hours, and approximately 80 people were injured.
A preliminary investigation found that the accident occurred when the replacement of a track circuit

component failed, which prevented certain signals from being reported. Survivors described the crash as like “hitting a concrete wall.” According to Daniel Kaniewski, a former Bush administration homeland security official, the overall emergency response to the event was “calm and ordered.” He indicated that the U.S. response “during extraordinary incidents has significantly improved” since September 11, 2001.

10 Censored News Topics and Events

Chiemgau Impact Crater
On October 16, 2004, the journal Astronomy published an online article that discussed a new-found strewn field of impact craters in southeastern Bavaria, Germany. It reported on a field of impact craters stretching from the town of Altötting to the area around Lake Chiemsee. The strewn field falls within an ellipse 36 miles long and 17 miles (58 by 27 kilometers) wide, and may hold at least 81 impact craters ranging from 10 to 1,215 feet (3 to 370 meters) in size. A large collection of articles have been published in Germany on the subject. They suggest that Lake Tüttensee is the largest crater of the strewn field. It exhibits an 8 m-height wall, a rim-to-rim diameter of about 500m and a depth of roughly 30m.

According to the Chiemgau impact research team, physical and archeological research has placed the impact event between 700 and 300 B.C. which is during the Holocene epoch. The figure may be fine-tuned to around 200 BC (2,200 years ago), due to tree-ring evidence from preserved Irish oaks, which have showed a slow growth event around 207 BC. The impact is suggested to have come from a low density disintegrated, loosely bound asteroid or a disintegrated comet. In order to form Lake Tüttensee, the biggest chunk of the object would have smashed into the ground with a force equivalent to 106 million tonnes of TNT, or 8,500 Hiroshima bombs.

Research into the Chiemgau impact crater was started in 2000, after unearthed pieces of metal containing minerals not previously seen in the region were discovered, by amateur archaeologists who were digging around Lake Chiemsee. Additional evidence comes from local discoveries of Celtic artifacts, which appear to have been burned on one side. In addition, Roman authors during this time in history wrote about showers of stones falling from the skies. The Chiemgau impact crater is an obsolete theory that is not accepted by the scientific community. The claim has been refuted by geological research and the discovery of a soil horizon of undisturbed peat. According to scientific research, Lake Tüttensee is one of many Kettles under the foothills of the Bavarian Alps.

10 Famous Depression-era Bank Robbers

John “Red” Hamilton
John Red Hamilton
Hamilton began his criminal career by robbing a gas station in Indiana, and being sentenced to a very long prison term of 25 years. Whilst incarcerated, he began to associate with prominent bank robbers such as John Dillinger, Harry Pierpoint and Homer Van Meter. On September 26, 1933, a total of 10 men, including Hamilton, escaped using smuggled guns from the recently paroled John Dillinger.

10 More Ancient Alien Mysteries

The Nazca Lines
Nazca Lines
Drawn into a high plateau in Peru’s Nazca Desert, a group of ancient designs stretching more than 50 miles has astounded archaeologists for decades. Along with simple lines and geometric shapes, drawings of animals, birds and humans have also been made, some measuring 600 feet across. From their colossal size, the drawings can only be viewed and appreciated from way up in the air – and there is no evidence that the Nazca people invented flying machines. According to ancient astronaut theorists, the figures were used as guidelines for spaceships as they came in for landing, and the lines served as runways.

Top 10 Outdated Medical Treatments

Peg Legs
Pir702 Pegleg Pirate
Peg legs were the prosthetic limb of choice for pirates and Civil War-era amputees who wanted to get their hobble on. A crude hunk of wood fastened to the remaining leg-matter, a peg leg was an option for upright mobility that today is a lot better than was the case a few hundred years ago: nowadays artificial legs and prosthetics allow the legless to run in Olympic-caliber strides, and move about without looking distinctly “parrot less.”

Top 10 Influential Arcade Games

Asteroids was released in 1979 by Atari. It was immensely successful and soon became one of the most played games of the 1980s. The game was so popular that video arcade operators sometimes had to install larger boxes to hold the number of coins that were spent by players. Due to Asteroid’s success, a sequel was introduced by Atari, in 1980, named Asteroids Deluxe.

In the game itself, the player controls a triangular space ship flying in an asteroid field, the objective being to avoid contact with asteroids whilst also destroying them to gain points. Occasionally, alien space ships will traverse the player, usually posing more of a threat than a regular asteroid. These can be destroyed for bonus points. [Play Here]

Top 10 Fairy Tale Reworkings

The 10th Kingdom
Pic Swampfairies
A fairy tale-themed fantasy miniseries with more than a few twists. All the expected trappings are present: Snow White, a magic mirror, a (sort of) handsome prince and even a big bad wolf (half wolf, actually). Plucky young Central Park waitress, Virginia, is sucked into a magical kingdom filled with fairy tale entities (it’s our own reality that is the titular 10th one, by the way), soon getting mixed up in saving it from the inevitable machinations of the evil queen. Despite receiving generally poor ratings, it had good reviews and even won itself an Emmy. A little cheesy at times but certainly a good effort.

10 Lesser Known Hoaxes Frauds and Pranks

Disumbrationism Art Movement
Living in Los Angeles, California, in 1924, the wife of scholar Paul Jordan-Smith had unsuccessfully submitted several still life paintings to an art gallery exhibition. In response to the harsh criticism of his wife’s work from the gallery’s judges, Smith fabricated an art movement named Disumbrationism. He quickly painted a thrown-together picture of an island-native from the South Pacific, and submitted it under the name Pavel Jerdanowitch to the jury at the Waldorf Astoria gallery, in New York. As the painting (‘Exaltation’) attracted attention from the members of the art world, Smith fabricated an entire history for Pavel Jerdanowitch, in which he was born in Russia and contracted tuberculosis while studying art in Chicago, but fully recovered while living on the South Sea Islands. Smith continued to maintain the ruse, submitting additional paintings to galleries in Chicago and gaining praise from French publications such as La Revue Moderne and Revue du vrai et du beau.

In 1927, Smith came forward and described the creation of his hoax to the Los Angeles Times. His legacy lives on, however, and an annual “International Pavel Jerdanowitch” painting contest is held in an attempt to produce the worst painting in history.

(Photo and Information Source: Reverent Entertainment. (n.d.). Disumbrationist School of Painting. In Ecclesiastes 9:11)

Top 10 Bizarre Belief Systems

Iglesia Maradoniana
Whether as a method of escaping the material demands of the modern world or as a way to escape the hardships of poverty, sports has a vital and meaningful role in life. The people who reach the highest level of any sport receive the adulation and affection of a broad range of supporters and devotees. So it may be no surprise that the World Game has spawned its own bizarre spiritual phenomenon with, at the head of it, the one unquestionable champion, Diego Maradona.

Top 10 Prolific Serial Killers

Javed Iqbal
Javed Iqbal Mughal (1956?-2001) was a serial killer from Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan. He claimed he killed 100 boys during an 18 month period. He had been arrested in June 1998 for sexually abusing 2 boys for money. He went off on bail, and began murdering boys shortly afterward. Iqbal found boys on the street, charmed them into his confidence, and then drugged, raped and strangled them.
He then cut the body into pieces and put them in a vat filled with hydrochloric acid. Once all of the remains were liquefied, he dumped them. He first used the sewer, until neighbors complained of an acrid stench.

Top 15 Bizarre True Stories

1. Bees who pay their respects
Margaret Bell, who kept bees in Leintwardine, about 7 miles from her home in Ludlow, Shropshire (England), died in June 1994. Soon after her funeral, mourners were amazed to see hundreds of bees settle on the corner of the street opposite the house where she had lived for 26 years. The bees stayed for an hour before buzzing off over the rooftops. The local press ran a photograph of the bees hanging on the wall in a cluster.

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Hannah Tan - Malaysia's Jewel

Screen shot 2010 10 07 at 12.30.55 PM Sexy Hannah Tan Shoots

Hannah Tan (born October 25, 1981 in Penang), also known as Hannah T or Hannah Sarah Tan, is a Malaysian singer-songwriter and television personality. She is half Chinese, half Kelabit.
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