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10 Mysteries With A Logical Explanation

Mars Face
Screen Shot 2011-04-19 At 1.45.54 Pm
The Cydonian region on Mars attracted a great deal of attention because one of the hills in that region looked remarkably man made. The region was first imaged in detail by the Viking 1 orbiter, which was launched in 1975. Several images were taken by the Viking, including one taken in 1976 showing that one of the Cydonian mesas had the appearance of face. Scientists dismissed the face as a trick of light and shadow, but then a second image also showed the face at a different sun-angle. This caught the attention of organizations interested in extraterrestrial intelligence, and some talk show hosts who believed the Face was a long-lost Martian civilization. Most scientists still held the belief that the face was just a consequence of viewing conditions. In 2003, when the European space agency launched Mars Express, it was able to combine data from a high resolution stereo camera and create a 3D representation of the “Face on Mars”. The most recent image (bottom) I think would silence even the most faithful believers. The image shows a remnant massif, thought to have formed from landslides and an early form of debris apron formation, but no face in sight.

Top 10 Terrifying Civilizations

Celtic Empire
Celts had a large reputation as head hunters, and were famous for putting victim’s heads on their chariots, and in front of their homes. Many Celts fought completely naked (much to the surprise of their enemies) and are famous for their iron long sword: “They cut off the heads of enemies slain in battle and attach them to the necks of their horses. The blood-stained spoils they hand over to their attendants and striking up a paean and singing a song of victory; and they nail up these first fruits upon their houses, just as do those who lay low wild animals in certain kinds of hunting. They embalm in cedar oil the heads of the most distinguished enemies, and preserve them carefully in a chest, and display them with pride to strangers, saying that for this head one of their ancestors, or his father, or the man himself, refused the offer of a large sum of money. They say that some of them boast that they refused the weight of the head in gold[.]“

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Im Soo-Yeon - Glamorous Cutie

Mizuho Tada - My Sunday Night Dessert

Choi Byul-I - Sexy Korean Cutie

Meisa Kuroki - Japanese Poptart Model & Singer

Chen Hao - China Dolly Bird

Ako Masuki - Japanese Bikini Girl

Hot Twins Gallery

Gorgeous Cosplay Girls

Aum Patcharapa - A Hot Bit Of Thai Totty

Natsuki Ikeda - Gorgeous Gravure Idol

Jenny - Hot & Sexy Chinese Garage Girl

Jenny Kim - The Next Big Thing

   Jenny Kim's half Chinese, quarter Korean, quarter Malaysian beauty.

•   Jenny Kim has a croc shaped birthmark on her thigh, though we’re not sure whether that’s the reptile or the shoe!

•   Jenny Kim can wrap her leg behind her head… interesting.

•  Jenny Kim is currently studying PR at Bournemouth University… Don’t even think about the stalking option!

•   Jenny Kim’s stats are 32B-25-36 and she’s 5’5” tall.

Lee Soo Jung - Flossing Cleavage

Eliza Dushku - Classic Photoshoot: FHM 2009

Busty Daniela Katzenberger - FHM Gemany

Jung Yuri - Gorgeous Garage Girl

Thursday, April 14, 2011

10 Cases of Incredibly Small Spaces

Little House in Toronto
Smaller living may be coming into fashion, but it’s definitely not a new idea. Sandwiched between two normal-sized neighbors, the Little House is the smallest home in Toronto, Canada. The land on which the house sits was originally designed as an alley for one of the neighboring homes. City officials never approved the curb cut, so in 1912, contractor Arthur Weeden decided to make use of the land and built a house on it (in which he and his wife lived for 20 years).
With only 312 sq. ft. of space, the Little House is a neighborhood favorite, and stops traffic from time to time. American celebrity Ellen Degeneres was so won over by its charms, she expressed interest in one day owning it. An engaging and detailed history of the home can be found at The Little House Website.

10 Great People You Should Know But Don’t

Nicolas Steno
Nicolas Steno (11 January 1638 – 25 November 1686) was a Danish pioneer in both anatomy and geology. In 1659, he decided not to accept anything simply written in a book, instead resolving to do research himself. The consequences of this self-study is that he is considered the father of geology and stratigraphy. He was responsible for the the recognition of geological strata, and the theory that successive layers of geological formations (strata) contained a fossil record of life in chronological order. He eventually became a tutor to the de Medici family and, ultimately, became a Bishop and a strong leader in the Catholic Counter-Reformation. He is largely unknown, despite his many great achievements, which may have been due to his religious zeal in a time that was moving away from reasoned science and towards observational science.

Top 10 Truly Extreme Noses

Goblin Shark
When schnoz meets Jaws.
It’s amazing this shark manages to eat with that enormous snout sticking out of his face. You could probably land planes on that thing. And who knows what it’s good for–it’s probably the product of ridiculous evolutionary female choice selection. Or maybe the Cloverfield monster uses goblin sharks as darts, and only allows those with the biggest noses to survive. In any case, its rostrum exceeds any other shark’s in relative size, which is pretty darn extreme.

Top 10 Strange UFO Encounters

The Bowling Green Apparition
Phear Park Sketch Ufo
During the night of the 12th of February, 2010, lifelong paranormal skeptic Roy Shaw was walking his dog in Devon, England. Wandering through the quiet streets of his neighborhood, he began to approach his local Lawn Bowling club, when he was startled by an odd object hovering high up in the sky. Hazy and distant at first, it began to descend slowly and move nearer in his direction. Circular in shape, it suspended itself above the bowling club and Shaw entered the grounds to get a better look at the object. He watched in amazement as it zigzagged around, before landing on the far side of the green.
He was astounded to make out a 100ft long space craft, with blue and red lights streaming along it’s underside. At this point a 4ft high white apparition exited from the ship and floated towards him across the lawn. ‘It was about 4ft high and seemed to be translucent and moved very slowly towards us. I was transfixed because it made a droning noise, which sounded like “my, my” repeated over and over’ he later told newspapers. His dog, Sydney – an animal he stated is normally very placid – began growling and bearing its teeth at the spirit. At this point, Mr Shaw ran for his life, with such haste he twisted his ankle in the process. Another dog walker in the area claims to have seen the ship dart off into the sky at a 45 degree angle. Funnily enough, Mr Shaw still claims to be a paranormal skeptic, even after this bizarre encounter. Above is a sketch of the UFO he saw.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Top 10 Freakiest Animal Childhoods

10. Cuttlefish

These highly intelligent squid cousins get an early start as predators; their eggs are transparent, and both their brains and their sophisticated eyes are well developed long before they hatch. This allows the tiny baby tentacle-monsters to carefully observe other animals while still in the egg, and studies have shown that this period heavily influences their hunting style and preferred prey for the duration of their lives.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Top 10 Geek Apple Model Girls

1. Cristina Poetto
cristina poetto Top 10 Geek Apple Model Girls

Cristina Poetto is professional model, an exceptional artist and full-time Mac lover, she loves using Photoshop.

Top 50 Sexiest Women Of The World – DT Magazine February 2011

Hilary Duff - My Sexy Teenage Fantasy

Minka Kelly - The Sexiest Woman Alive

Kayleigh Pearson - Sexy Office Blondie

Meet Kayleigh Pearson, 25-year-old English model. She is represented by International Model Management. I just know you’ll love her! Enjoy.

Kim Kardashian Hosts New Year’s Eve Party

Kim Kardashian celebrated the New Year at her favorite place TAO Las Vegas at the Venetian. She arrived in a silver hand beaded asymmetric draped dress that was custom made by Marc Bouwer as well as signature Christian Louboutin heels.

Kaya Danielle

Kaya’s a 20 year old actress, vocalist, and model who’s appeared in several Playboy Special Edition magazines, on Maxim UK, and on FratFury. Last week, she was Playboy’s Cyber Girl of the Week and was in the top 10 for Playboy’s model of the year in 2010. She’s due for a big year in 2011 with tentative covers for American Curves, Maxim, FHM, a test shoot for Playmate, possible Cyber Girl of the Month in May, and an Adidas commercial. In addition to modeling at Hot Import Nights shows and for Abercrombie & Fitch, she has a budding singing career – having sung the national anthem for the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, the San Francisco Giants, and the San Jose Sharks and has also won numerous awards at the California State Vocal Competition.

Vanessa Hudgens - Sucker Punch Sexiness

Sexy Girls In Men's Shirt

More Sexy Babes On Facebook

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