Friday, February 18, 2011

Top 10 Hot Moms From TV Shows

For those of us who just can’t seem to get enough of all these hot TV moms, we have ranked the 10 s*xiest moms from some of your favorite TV shows.

Lily Van der Woodsen (Gossip Girl)

What this upper east sider lacks in s*x appeal, she makes up for in money. The only thing better than a MILF is a MILF with bank. Working on her 5th or 6th husband now she comes across a little too wound up at times, but there is good chance she saves her energy for the bedroom. She edges out the honorable mentions because her daughter Serena makes you crave the ultimate mother-daughter fantasy.

Joy Turner (My Name is Earl)

This Blonde Bombshell would be a lot closer to the top of the list if she did not play a Mom from the trailer park. She doesn’t remember the father of her first child, only that he drove a Ford, and subsequently named her kid Dodge. She also has a kid named Earl Jr, that was surprisingly not fathered by Earl.

Lorelai Gilmore (Gilmore Girls)

The closest to a “mom-next-door” on the list, Lorelai’s down-to-earth looks, penchant for the bad boy, and innocent desire to finally wind up with the good guy is flat-out s*xy.

Nancy Botwin (Weeds)

If all pot dealers looked like this the U.S. would have legalized pot a long time ago and the world would be a better place. Plus, she’s a naughty businesswoman who will trade s*x for drugs just because she knows how to get it done.

Susan Mayer (Desperate Housewives)

The first of two Desperate Housewives to make the list, sometimes quirky and awkward, she was at one point locked out of her house completely naked. Every guy loves a girl that can forget things easily and look beyond her husbands infidelity for an extended period of time.

Niki/Jessica Sanders (Heroes)

What more can you want in a mom that kicks ass? Plus, this babe is certifiable; complete with an alter ego and the profession of “internet stripper.” We’re not saying to marry this wound-up-too-tight mom, but crazy girls are great in the sack.

Betty Draper (Mad Men)

Although the show is set in the 1960′s, this Mom still has an edge to her. She is the ultimate classic beauty of the list and everything about her, from the way she presses a cigarette between her lips to the way she wears tight-waist clothes, accents her perky breasts and rides her horse, is picture-perfect.

Kimber Henry (Nip/Tuck)

This p*rn star turned Mom jumped in bed with each one of the male stars on the show at one point or another, so its no surprise she eventually got knocked up. She wasn’t the best mom when she almost got her daughter addicted to Meth, but hey, she is the only Mom on this list that had an anatomically correct silicone s*x doll made of her.

Gabrielle Solis (Desperate Housewives)

While the only reason she became a mom was because someone was replacing her birth control pills with sugar pills, it didn’t stop her from becoming the s*xiest mom on Wisteria Lane. I have yet to meet a guy that didn’t want to be the gardener seduced by her.

Rebecca Donaldson (Full House)

Better known as simply Aunt Becky. For an entire generation, this is where wet dreams evolved, if only we had great hair and a band named Jessie and the Rippers. She is now a Mom on the new 90210 and looks even better. And the wet dreams continue.

Source: mydoubts

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