Thursday, February 24, 2011

List of 10 Real Murderers By Number of Victims

1. Amelia Dyer
Amelia Dyer
Only convicted of one murder. Killed 274 babies, confirmed after her death when their bodies were recovered from the River Thames. Estimated to have killed between 274 and 400 babies, however, lack of evidence cannot confirm the exact number. Baby-farm murderess.

2. Elizabeth Báthory
Elizabeth Báthory
Hungarian noblewoman and countess, known as the "Blood Countess" or "Blood Queen". Total killings unknown, accusations pointed to between 100 and 700 victims but she is believed to have actually killed 100 to 200 people.[6] Possibly the victim of conspiracy and may have been innocent.

3. Javed Iqbal
Javed Iqbal
Child-murderer. Pakistan's most profuse killer, confessed to killing 100 children and convicted of the same number. Found dead in his prison cell possibly tortured and murdered, ruled a suicide.

 4. Miyuki Ishikawa
Miyuki Ishikawa
Euthanized more than 103 newborn children. As a maternity nurse she killed infants born to parents unwilling to care for them during the prohibition of abortion in Japan. Sentenced to 4 years in prison.

5. Pedro López
Pedro López
Child-murderer and rapist, convicted of killing 110 young girls but confessed to killing 300, exact total unknown. Known as "The Monster of the Andes" and sentenced in 1983 but released in 1998, believed to still be killing.

6. Thug Behram
Thug Behram
Thugee cult leader. Confessed to have personally murdered more than 125 victims and present at 931 murders perpetrated by his cult. Behram is often quoted as having killed 931 people. This figure was the number of murders Behram had been present at, though he was never convicted of these murders. This lower figure was the conclusion of James Paton's investigations in the 1830s. The Thugee cult as whole, however, were adjudged to have been responsible for 50,000–1,000,000 murders in total.

7. Luis Garavito
Luis Garavito
Child-murderer, torture-killer, and rapist known as "La Bestia" aka "The Beast." Convicted of killing 138 victims but suspected of murdering over 300 victims, mostly street children. Sentenced to 1,853 years but could only be imprisoned for 30 which was reduced to 22 after aiding investigators.

8. Harold Shipman
Harold Shipman
Convicted of 15 murders and responsible for the deaths of 218 patients identified by inquiry but he is believed to have killed up to 250 people. He would inject diamorphine into his patients and then falsify his own medical records reporting that his patient had been in poor health. Known as Doctor Death.

9. Delfina and María de Jesús González
Delfina and María de Jesús González
Two sisters who hired prostitutes and murdered them after they were deemed useless. Probably the work of four of the sisters, sentenced to 40 years in prison. Body count varies due to the combined work of the sisters being impossible to assign to them individually.

10. Gary Ridgway
Gary Ridgway
The United States' most prolific serial killer; also known as The Green River Killer. He almost exclusively targeted escorts from Seattle. Once there he would proposition a prostitute, drive to the banks of the Green River, and strangle her to death. After murdering his victim he would dump their body in the nearby water. Suspected of killing over 90 victims, confessed to 71, convicted of 49.

Source: nupxl

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