Monday, January 31, 2011

Midnight DX + : The Best Arcade Driving Game Ever

Midnight DX is an arcade driving game based on it's Japanese Manga, Midnight. This arcade driving game is popular as it uses magnetic card that able to save your game progress under your own preferred nickname as well as your cars, players can modified their cars including tuning and visual. The players can play this game in various mode, Story Mode for upgrading your car's performance, Ghost Mode where you battle other players' cars, Time Attack as for you to break records and gain ranking and 10 Outrun Battles where you try to outrun 10 cars in the fastest time possible. Furthermore, this game allow up to 4 players to receive and offer challenge to race to each other, on top of that, players can change the game mode to Refuse Challenge as some players like to play alone. Until today, the arcade driving game has been changed to the latest version called Midnight DX+ (Plus), where it features two additional cars which are the old Skyline DPGC10 and the new Nissan Skyline R35, with additional tracks like Fukuoka. Most of the players usually use manual transmission, as it is very easier to play as this game need players to be good at sharp turns, skid and drift during high speed. In Malaysia, this game is popular among male teenagers even to young adults, although I've seen some good female players but it's really rare.

Below are some of the most favorite cars used by DX players:

1. Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 7
Probably the most used, most preferred car by DX players. The most suitable car for newbies or beginners at the start of the game. It has everything, stability, speed and stylish. It can skid and drift very wells through tight corners, depending how good the player is. On top of that, it is a good training car for those beginners who starting to try DX. Me, myself used this car in the beginning and it was impressive. A good car with 6-gears driven to perfection.

2. Nissan Fairlady Z

Nissan Fairlady Z also have been some of the DX players favorite. It has impressive speed, wide and big body, stability and stylish when modified. From my own experience, I don't quite like it as I think it is quite difficult to drift or skid in corners as its wide body(or could be I'm not used to it). However, when a good player used this car, it is one mean machine with 6 gears speed. This car is also used by one of the manga character, Black Bird, when instead he uses Porsche.

3. Subaru Impreza WRX STi (GDBC)

Subaru Impreza made to the favorite car list as this car is the same as Mitsubishi Evolution 7. It has everything, from speed to stylish and well-known for it's stability during corners. It's like a mirror for the Mitsubishi Evolution 7. With 6 gears speed, it is one hell of a car that may difficult your chance of winning if it is used by a very good players.

4. Toyota MR2 GTS

Seldom used but a very good car indeed, Toyota MR2 is one of the competitive cars as it got speeds, stability and also stylish when visual modified. The advantage of this car is that it's tiny body, it able to slip through traffics easier than other cars. When used by a good player, this car is very threatening at times.

5.  Datsun Fairlady Z aka Devil Z

The popular car used by the main character of the anime & manga, known as Devil Z, a classic early version of Fairlady Z family. It is stunningly beautiful and fast, with small body and looks meaner when visual modified. On the contrary, I heard that this car also quite difficult during corners. But when anyone can master this beast, it is unstoppable. With 5-gears speed, it is one big threat even for modern cars.

6. Nissan Skyline GTR-32 (R32)
Nissan Skyline, as from early version until now, has never let car lovers disappointed with their cool stylish an monster-ish performance. Speed and stability are common with Skyline family. R32 is quite famous among DX players, it is fast, stylish visual when modified, compact body, an impressively easy to drive. With 5-gears speed, it able to tackle sharp turns and corners easily. A monster indeed.

7. Nissan Skyline GTR-34 (R34)

Known as the King of Skyline, this car is famous from games to movies to professional races. A car so popular that all the car lovers amazed by its stunning performance and body. This is the second or third most common car used by DX players. As mention before, this car has everything, monster performance and very stylish and mean-looking when visual modified. I, myself, am a fan of this car, in games and in reality. The best Skyline ever made in its own family. With 6-gears speed, this car is one hell of a monster with its strong body and amazing stability during tight corners. It is no doubt the most threatening car in DX+.

8. Mazda RX-7 FC3S

Famous in Initial D manga/anime/games, FC3S does not disappoint its fans in DX+ either. With 5-gears speed, small compact body, stability and amazing speed, this car nonetheless still the favorite among its fans in DX+. I've also tried this car and it is very impressive, easy to drive and able to tackle corners easily. For beginners who prefer 5-gears cars, this is a good car for training with all the packages it has to offer.

9. Mazda RX-7 FD3S
Nothing much to say about this car. Everyone knew about it, everyone knew how good it is, everyone knew its well-known brand. Appears in movies, games and mangas, this car is the idol for every street racers. It even able to carry its popularity in DX+. What to say more, impressive 5-gears speed, fast acceleration, monster-ish stability during corners and sharp turns and stylish when visual modified. This is one good car for 5-gears lovers and beginners of this game.

10. Mazda RX-8 SE3P

Meet the famous among its rotary family, appears in movie and an all-time favorite among car lovers, RX8 by now, is the most used car in DX+. This car is also my own personal favorite. 6 impressive gears speed, fast acceleration, impressive corner/turns tackler, and stylish visual modified made it looks like a race machine from hell. RX8 is known for its stability during sharp corners and turns, and also gain title of the sharpest corners tackler. It is very easy to control during a drift/skid and after the drift, it able to accelerate faster. A good car and a favorite among expert players, this car is impressive enough to win any races. Just make sure that it is fully tuned. With this amazing speed demon and a player's expert skill, this is the greatest challenger that a player can face in DX+.

Overall, these cars are nonetheless impressive and amazing, with their own uniqueness. It is the driver who determine the outcome of every races. Just make sure that the cars you're using is fully tuned and you got some good driving skills, it is a good way to increase the chance of winning. Remember, it is not how the car drives you, it is how you race your cars. Happy speeding!

p/s: Too bad DX+ did not offer Toyota Trueno AE86, if they do, it's utter cool!

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